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Sandra ST-Laurent  *  PAINTINGS 2014-2018

Paintings of this collection were made on wood panels and plywoods picked up on construction sites and workshops. These raw and used materials are then replacing the traditional white canvases, but their unevenness, textures, stains and holes creates the impression of a wall consumed by time. These inspiring traces are the starting point for the design process in order to create a piece of art where the pictural composition is adapted to be in harmony with its support. Prior to be painted with acrylics, these materials are worked over, cleaned, grounded, reassembled and mounted on frames. It is both the desire of recycling materials and working on a diversity of supports that motivates the artist.


The subjects represented on these materials are dancers, musicians, or crafters, mostly inspired by the ambiance of carnivals of South America that the artist visited during those years. These colourful subjects give metaphorically life to the recycled support.

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