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Sandra St-Laurent  * Contact & Bio

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Sandra St-Laurent is a French Canadian artist. Living her childhood in the remote region of Gaspesia, she have studied, lived and worked after in Quebec city and Montreal in Canada. She have travelled in several country around the world and now lives in Germany. In the past few years, she mainly did murals, creating them for the last ten years in Quebec city, Montreal, France and USA. Her latest works are mostly very colorful works of up to 3600 square feet.


Painting on inside or outside walls, or on wood pieces picked on construction site or workshops, she uses brushes and mini-jet spray guns with which she developed a particular technique throughout the years.

Her several experiences of work and travels (mainly Asia, Europe and South America) influenced her artistic production. She explored the domains of interior design, self construction green building , paint on canvas and even carving and painting sculptures on floats for events and parades.


In her creations, figurative images and abstract designs intertwine to generate a strong impression of movement, which exsudes a feminine yet powerful and colorful artistic expression. During the last year, her art evolved towards the integration of geometric shapes interacting with organic elements, expressing the duality between emotion and reason or between nature and technology.


These murals were performed in commercial buildings, on outside walls during an event or in private spaces, for a diversity of sizes including several oversized works.

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